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  • Our manufacturing plant in Germany complies with the requirements of GMP.

  • Our products are available in Germany, the European Union and in many further countries.

  • We manufacture veterinary medicines of excellent quality at affordable prices!

Quality Assurance

BREMER PHARMA GMBH maintains a quality assurance system (QSS), which is structured in accordance with GMP guidelines. All elements of the QSS are described in detail in our Quality Assurance Manual. The QSS is mandatory for all employees of our company.

Our quality assurance system is based on the requirements of the EC GMP guideline. It guarantees the transparency and optimization of all work processes in our company. Starting with the procurement of raw materials through the manufacturing process, the investigation up to the release of the finished products, all production steps are subject to extensive quality controls. All areas of our business, such as galenics, validation, qualification, approval and shipping, are part of our quality assurance system. Our quality assurance system is subject to regular internal and external audits. Building on this system we can guarantee our customers the preservation of our products and services in a consistently high quality. BREMER PHARMA GMBH was granted the manufacturing license prescribed by § 13 of the German Medicines Act by the Bezirksregierung Detmold. The monitoring is carried out by the State Office for Nature, Environment and Consumer Protection of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia, which is responsible for the approval and inspection of veterinary drug manufacturers and for the control of the trade in veterinary medicinal products. It is tested in accordance with the applicable rules for Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP for short). The agreement is verified by GMP certificate.

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